• Includes: 1 punnet of strawberries, 1 punnet of blueberries, 2 punnet of raspberries, 2 kiwi fruit, 2 passionfruit, 1 large bag of grapes, large handful of dried apricots, beetroot dip, basil pesto dip, sweet potato dip, 1 handful cranberry nougat, 1 small container of olives, 1 small container of sun dried tomatoes, 2 variations of crackers, 1 bagel crisps, 1 small sliced bakery loaf, 2 cheese variations, 2 packet of salami, 2 large handfuls of soy crisps, sprinkle of nuts and fresh flowers.
  • Platter can be modified to meet your requirements. Please advise of any allergies.
  • Cost: $150 + Delivery

* Cost includes price of all produce, time spent purchasing items and preparing platter. Not included in quote is delivery. Please note that this platter can’t be collected due to weight of mirror and food combined however the mirror is able to be returned at a later date by client.

Delivery (from Albany Creek, Brisbane)

  • Within 15 minutes drive: $30
  • Within 30 minutes drive $60
  • Over 30 minutes drive: To be quoted in email

* Delivery includes collecting mirror at later date. If you wish to have the platter delivered but willing to return the mirror yourself simply divide the delivery price in half.

For bookings email info@ardenandolive.com

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