Ios is by far my favourite island in Greece. So much so that I’m wanting to go back and work there during a summer. It’s a place where your spirit can run wild.

Here are my top 9 places to party in Ios:

*In no particular order

  • Circus (live music)
  • Lost Boys (to start the night)
  • Shush (silent disco)
  • Slammer Bar
  • Coo Bar
  • Far Out Beach Club (day time)
  • Flames (which we thought was called ‘Lames’)
  • Rehab (because we would get free drinks)
  • Traffic (for the free wifi outside)


To give you an idea of a typical night out for us, we would start at the Far Out Beach party before heading in on the bus to Lost Boys to have some cool funky cocktails and play beer pong with strangers.

We’d then head over to Circus and Coo Bar to get stamps (so that we didn’t need to pay entry later) and stop into Rehab for our free drink.

We’d then go back to Circus to listen/dance/sing along to the incredible live music whilst all the clubs started to get busier. Afterwards we’d head on over to Coo Bar (or the other way round) and drop into Lames… I mean Flames.

To end the night we’d head up to Shush for the silent disco. Followed by a drunken kebab and long walk home.


As for Slammer Bar, we went on the first night which I definitely recommend! Who doesn’t love putting on a helmet and getting hit over the head with something heavy ?

To be honest, we only went into Traffic on our bar crawl but I included it in this list because if you sit outside you can access their free wifi (sneaky).

Here are a few (terrible quality) photos from our nights out.














If you’re interested in a bar crawl I definitely recommend the Ios Bar Crawl. You can find their website here.

Lastly, always remember to stretch before a night out.





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