Ciao Venice! I’ve missed you!

It’s been three years but I told you I’d show my face again.

Did you know Venice is built on more than 100 small islands? With some streets so tiny you’d barely fit two people side by side.

This means you wont find any cars around here my friends. But don’t worry, the canals run through the entire city so jump in a gondola and go explore!

Just don’t forget to check out the mainland. For instance, the Piazza San Marco which you’ll see below.

This square, believe it or not, is home to all of the Venician Pigeons (no exaggeration).

Venice is also home to 5896 bridges (again no exaggeration, I swear).

You can use one of the 5896 bridges to make your way around the city.

Speaking of which, let’s go check out the Grand Canal and not just through that lense of yours. I’m talking a real ‘stop and realise where you’ are moments.

The best viewing spot for said moment is atop the beautiful Rialto Bridge.

The Rialto Bridge is one of four bridges spanning the Grand Canal. Not only that, it’s also the oldest and was the dividing line between the districts San Marco and San Polo.

Crazy, huh?

There’s some history in these waters, I’m telling you.

The Rialto Bridge is also a great place to play ‘Where’s Wally’ as you watch the boats and gondolas go by.

Ten points if you can spot him below.



Speaking of gondolas.. What are you waiting for? Go get one sailor!








Now that we’ve grabbed our gondola, let me introduce the best Gondolier known to Venice and all the lands.

Why bestow such a title you may ask?

Well, many reasons really. However, the stand out would be his performance skills. Even though we only had one Kiwi in the boat, our gondolier promptly decided to sing the Hukka via google lyrics.

It was possibly the greatest thing to witness since sliced bread.

Shortly after, when we requested an Italian song, he whipped out commonly known Italian words in the English language and sung them harmoniously (and hilariously) together.

Even Hamish took his hat off to him!

I think it went a little something like this: ‘pasta, pizza, pepperoni, carbonara, bolognaise, Pisa tower..’

Now, if you’re travelling with friends, you’ll be sure to bump into them along the way so don’t forget to wave ‘ahoy’ and take a cheeky snap.. Or two.

See the fellow below?

We were informed he had quite the crazy night out last night and was very hungover chap today.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell at all.

Must be the sunglasses.




Reason two for the ‘best Gondolier known to Venice and all the lands’ title?

These selfies were snapped whilst he was on a moving gondola.

Don’t tell me you’re not impressed.

Okay so, landmarks? Check!

Bridge? Check!

Gondola? Check!

What’s missing you ask…

Gelato… Check!

The rest of the day was spent getting lost in the city and having tour group crutch races (it’s exactly what you’re thinking – a two person race on crutches, I highly recommend).



My best advice would be to loose your self in the city, wander the narrower streets, walk into random shops, and eat all of the gelato.

The best treasures are found by accident or when you’re not expecting them.

Arrivederci Venice! I’ll be seeing you soon!


  1. I’ve been to Venice and it was lovely! I think my favourite activity was wandering around the market stalls. I also remember my teacher advising us to “get lost on purpose”-so much fun!

      1. Yes, those were lovely! I remember I got a really pretty bracelet and one of those black sparkly Venetian masks :) I’m useless at haggling and usually just went for the full price, but one of my friends managed to get a watch for about a quarter of what it originally cost xD

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