Each year San Fermin is held in Pamplona, the capital of the city Navarre in Spain.

It’s said that approximately 1 million people, from all over the world, literally flock to the city centre each year just to witness and be part of the event locally known as Sanfermines. Held in honor of Saint Fermin


The previously mentioned 1 million people, won’t be found on the outskirts of town, head there and you’ll be sure to find tumble weed blowing in the wind.

You want to find Plaza del Castillo.

Admittedly it was a bit of a maze trying to find our way there. There were so many people going in so many different directions (quite a lot of locals celebrate in the side streets at tapas bars or pubs). However we put our thinking hats on and remembered the directions we were given yesterday.

And when I say ‘remembered’ I mean ‘let’s try this street’.

After all, the streets start looking the same with a few sangrias in your belly.

Now let’s all take a moments silence for all these white shirts about to be put through a good soakin’.

Okay that’s enough clean laundry, let’s throw some sangria.


I’m not sure who started this but it soon turned into an epic bottle/verandah basketball match. Don’t worry, the couples above we’re laughing along and clapping when the bottles landed inside.

Speaking of, a bottle to the head was 20 to 1 during this. But what’s a festival without a small war wound or two?


Everyone started leaving the square after the bells were rung and speeches were made so naturally we followed suit and were able to witness the important personnel marching along with the band.

To give you an idea of how many people were in the square, esecially at this moment down the front, at one point I was sandwiched between two men, which doesn’t sound too bad you say? Well I agree to the point where your lungs are crushed and you can’t breathe.

It was so tight that you I could lift my feet off the ground and be carried through. Which incidentally is what happened. Possibly one of the scariest moments, losing your friends to a trampede.

It only lasted for a moment though, just while the band marched on by.

We were to be sure to find each other soon enough.


Right after this snap our stomachs started rumbling so we headed over to Burger King for a good ol’ whopper and fries.

We ran into the boys shortly after, who were quite thirsty..

’10 points if it goes through her stomach! 50 points if it goes through her head!’

Please excuse my sangria covered gopro, nothing seemed to wipe the stickiness off.

After wandering through the streets for a while we headed back to camp to clean up and get ready for the pool party later that night.

However it was a relatively early night for us, we had to be up at 5 am the next day to head into the city for the first run.

And this photo sees the end to one of the funnest days I’ve ever had. If only there were some way I could re live it.

Excuse me whilst I go and look at flights..

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